Belgrade was changing and shaping itself through the ages in order to become the city it is today. Through all those periods, one quality of this city never changed – Belgrade is people. They are the carriers of the city’s spirit, of which foreigners speak so often. Bearing this in mind, we have concluded that the only right way to create an alternative guide through Belgrade is to ask Belgradians themselves to take us to hidden city corners. In cooperation with our friends who own the Instagram page @industrial_interior, we have chosen four special Belgradians and asked them to take us through five city locations each, that deserve in their opinion to be on the map of an alternative Belgrade. And, of course, to tell us about the reasons or stories behind their decision to choose those places exactly. Our guides are young, independent and innovative people, successful in the fields of creative industries, but their choices had never made them „mainstream“. They grew up in the nineties, when Belgrade was quite different than today, and belong to a subculture cradling today’s Belgrade’s alternative scene. But first of all, they are the ones who love their city. Our association with them sometimes reminded us of time-machine, whereas in some other moments they introduced us to completely new “corners” giving an additional quality to all that this City has to offer. And Belgrade can offer so much. We are hoping that you are going to enjoy four totally different stories about Belgrade, Belgrade’s men and beautiful women, and that you will remember, if you have forgotten at all, how lovely this city is. We shall remind you of certain nice and cult moments of Belgrade’s history, including some not so nice. But even the failings are necessary in order to advance and develop further. We are sure there are many more stories that will remain untold at this time, but MINI is a real city guy, able to find out a lot on the very next corner.